FTW Spinnerbeck Plover “Monty” (Retired)

Monty came to us from England, where he earned several field trial and working test awards. He came off the plane ready to work and eager to please. Monty was a British Labrador with a fun personality, loads of drive, and a ton of speed.  He is very stylish in the field and very calm in the kennel.  When other dogs are at work, Monty will lie down and wait patiently for his turn.  He has an athletic build with a very handsome face.  Monty never meets a stranger.  His accomplishments include:

  • 2nd Place Dukeries Water Test (Novice)
  • COM Three Ridings Cold Game Test (Open)
  • 2nd Place and Best Puppy (under 12 mos) Burns & Becks GTG
  • COM Lancs & Merseyside Field Trial Society Novice Stake
  • 2nd Tyne Tees & Tweed Field Trial Society Novice Stake
  • COM Three Ridings Labrador Club Test (Open)
  • 3rd Clyd Retriever Club Notice Stake
  • 1st NWL Retriever Club Novice Stake
  • COM Yorkshire Golden Retriever Club Test (Open)

Price: Available upon request

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