About Us

About Us

Southern Oak Kennels

Southern Oak Kennels is one British Labrador kennel with multiple locations across the country. All of our locations seek to import, breed and train the very best British Labrador Retrievers in the United States. We decided to grow this way for two reasons: First, we want to ensure the health of our Labradors, and this requires less Labradors in one kennel.  We do not want to house dozens of British Labrador bitches and dozens of training Labradors at a singular location.  While others may do this well, we don’t believe it is the best way to maintain happy and healthy British Labradors. 

Second, we want to better serve you by having available British Labrador puppy litters and trainers in as many geographical regions as we can.

Our locations are one of two types – an SOK Campus or an SOK Outpost. SOK Campuses house multiple British Labrador dams as well as have a full Labrador training program.  SOK Outposts host only one or two British Labrador dams and just a handful of training Labradors. 

While we are spread out across the country, we operate as one team and one family. Contact us to learn more


Southern Oak Kennels Locations

From Mississippi to Kansas to Wisconsin we seek to place Southern Oak Kennel campuses and outposts with the very best breeders and trainers in the British Labrador world. We welcome anyone to visit one of our locations and get to know our trainers and amazing British Labradors. 

Meet the Team

Southern Oak Kennels Owners & Trainers

  • Barton Ramsey
    Owner & Operator

    Southern Oak Kennels Headquarters

  • Wally Schalau
    Owner & Trainer

    SOK North

  • Don Collyer
    Owner & Administrator

    SOK North

  • Corey Wages
    Owner & Trainer

    SOK Tanglefoot

  • Stone Ramsey
    Owner & Trainer

    SOK Lone Star

  • Miles Durham
    Owner & Trainer

    SOK Fox Ridge

  • Alex Britton
    Owner & Trainer

    SOK Bracken Creek

  • Parrish Major
    Owner & Trainer

    SOK East

  • Noah Parsons
    Owner & Trainer

    SOK Flint Hills




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