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Welcome to Pontotoc, Mississippi home OF SOK TANGLEFOOT

Labrador Retriever Puppies

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Started Labrador Retrievers

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Finished Labrador Retrievers

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Stud Service (Natural & Frozen)

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Obedience & Advanced Gundog Training Seminars

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Private Gundog Handling Seminars

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Monthly Gundog Boarding & Training

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Meet The Owner

Corey Wages

Corey started working with SOK in the fall of 2015. Since then, he has excelled in training SOK labradors both for gundog work and hunt tests. Corey offers a balanced approach to training, focusing on building a trustworthy relationship with each dog. Corey’s consistency and work ethic allow him to push dogs to reach their maximum potential in the field. Aside from running SOK Tanglefoot, Corey is the Vice President of a local bank and is a staple of the business development community in his city. Corey’s training grounds spread all over Pontotoc County, Mississippi, with some of the best water and rolling hills around the area. 

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the bond of a British labrador

Corey is known as one of the most determined and obsessive British Labrador trainers on the SOK team. His attention to detail and determined mentality has produced some of the best trained and Labradors in the Southern oak kennels program… but also out of this amazing ability to turn a puppy into a powerhouse of a Labrador, Corey has built some amazing relationships with those clients through the common bond of their British Labrador. 


British Labradors on site at SOK Tanglefoot

FTW & HRCH Tildaross “Arden”

FTW & HRCH Tildaross “Arden”

HRCH Daisy

HRCH Daisy





HRCH Money

HRCH Money



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