Tango is a rocket in the field with a huge motor, big water entry, and a love for retrieving.  She is easy going at the kennels, but will flip her switch on as soon as she thinks there may be work to do! She is absolutely beautiful with a strong, athletic build, square head, and very distinguished features.

Tango’s pedigree brings together two lines which have been very important to our breeding program. On the top of her pedigree we have a line breeding of FTCh Greenbriar Viper of Drakeshead, through Eastdale Harry as well as Gosberry Governor.  On the bottom we have FTCh Leadburn Viceroy, a son of FTCh Rockingstone Hope of Leadburn.  Hope was a huge part of the foundational breeding program here at Southern Oak.

Not only do these lines bring together health and longevity, but they also produce a level of drive and athleticism that we highly value within our breedings.

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