Harper was brought over to the U.S. as a puppy back in 2021. It did not take long to realize the potential she would have as a high-level gundog and family companion. So many things came natural for Harper in her first year of training, almost as if she was pre-programmed to be a straight lining, quiet, steady bitch with exceptional marking ability and lovely natural delivery. Her calm but serious demeanor will mislead even the best for thinking she is a dud… nope, she digs as hard as she can and hunts an area like a spaniel – a true testament to the British desire to breed for stylish low tail action and hunt ability. At a thousand miles an hour she can hit the slightest bit of scent and stop on a dime to hunt – to say the least she has a nose that improves her value as one of the best conservation tools we have, the labrador retriever. She is an easy handling bitch that crushes cover and loves the water – a true joy to hunt with! Harper is running hunt tests at a finished level, and we look forward to her accomplishments this year!

There’s much to be said about Harper and the influence she’s had on the direction we want to breed, that initially started with her lines that go back to FTCH Nettlebrae Andy of Fendawood, FTCH Beileys Aguzannis of Fendawood and his sire Ragweeds travel. Harper’s mom, sister to stud dog Boone, was made up to FTW and is competing at the highest level as an open dog in Scotland. Her dad, FTCH Craigmaddie Mufasa of Bishopbrae, has now qualified for the IGL Retriever Championship 3x and got 3rd place in the 2023 Championship. He is producing biddable, strong dogs that will go through a brick wall if you ask them, but also lay at your feet while you drink your morning coffee. Harper couldn’t be a finer example of this and we truly look forward to the value she will bring in the next generation of gundogs and companions!

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