Darby is a fearless, driven girl with a big motor and zero hesitation when entering water or cover. She’s great at working an area with lovely tail action and scenting ability.  She doesn’t require much correction in the field, and she stays incredibly focused on the work in front of her.

When not working, Darby wants to be as close to you as possible. She’s got a very solid built with a big, square head and broad shoulders. Darby’s pedigree includes several of our foundational lines, such as FTCh Levenghyl Malusi. She is a granddaughter of FTCh Nettelbrae Andy of Fendawood, who was made up to Field Trial Champion by our own Noah Parsons (SOK Flint Hills).

Darby will be a strong addition to the SOK Lone Star team, and Stone is looking forward to running her in HRC hunt tests summer and fall of 2024.

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