Bonnie came from our friend Kevin Haynes of Cairngryffe Gundogs in Scotland.  She is an absolute machine in the field.  She is mega fast, especially on the way back with the bird.  Her nose is unbelievable to watch in action, often air-scenting birds from far outside the scent cone.  She will shred any cover in front of her, and she’s also a fantastic marker. Bonnie is very social, she never meets a stranger or feels out of place.

Bonnie is a granddaughter of FTCh Hillus Clyde, the dog who qualified seven times for the IGL championships.  Clyde is also one of the foundational stud dogs of SOK lineage, and he was the sire to our first ever stud dog, Earl.  Her pedigree also includes FTCh Ragweed’s Travel, producer of multiple IGL retriever championship winners, as well as FTCh Asterix Aguzzanis of Chatsworth, former IGL winner. Bonnie has the same athletic speed and drive that we looked for since the early days of Southern Oak.


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