HRCH Belle

Belle is beautiful girl with a great build and bone structure. She is a daughter of our own Hank the Tank over Dixie. This brings together our first Int. FTCh and Irish Championship Winner Tweedshot Trimble of Lettergreen with our foundational Leadburn lines, FTCh Hillus Clyde and FTCh Rockingstone Hope of Leadburn.  This pedigree packs a punch, and Belle most certainly demonstrates that in her working ability. She has a huge motor, like her mom, with excellent marking and handling abilities. She hits the water like a freight train and absolutely loves to work.  Outside of hunting, Belle is a house dog with a great disposition. She loves her family, and loves to be a part of whatever is going on! We are very excited to be able to continue such amazing lineages from not only the start of SOK but also the beginning of SOK Great Lakes through Belle!

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